YT’s ‘YT Creepypasta’ Is a Free Speech and Free Speech Fight

An anonymous person claiming to be from YT has posted an article on the website’s official forum, explaining that the site is the best place for people to talk about and share their fears about social media platforms.

The post by the anonymous user, titled “YT’s Creepypastas” (translated by BuzzFeed), argues that the internet is the most dangerous place on earth, and that social media is an easy way to hide a wide range of information.”YT is the first place to share the latest news, the most important opinions, and the most horrifying stories from around the world,” the post reads.

“If you are afraid of the internet, then YT is for you.

The first place you go for this, and maybe the only place you will ever return.”

In a post on the same forum, YT user jimmy_joe added that the comments section of the original post is the main place for discussion about the website, and said he is not an employee of YT.

“I am not a YT employee, I am a private citizen and I am not an investor,” he said.

“But I am glad to report that I have read all of the posts in the original YT Creepy post and I do not feel afraid of it.”

The post, titled ‘YTs Creepy posts, I’m here to help’, has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

“We will always be here for you, and we will never let you down,” the user said.

The YT comment thread is currently the second most-viewed thread on the site, behind only the first post in the article, which is a video by YT staffer, John Aravosis, who said he had seen people who have been targeted by YTs creepy posts.

Aravosis later apologized on his YT blog, saying he was unaware of the “hate and paranoia” that YTs Creepypasts have created on social media, and he was sorry for any anger and frustration that some people have felt.YT declined to comment on the comments thread.

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