Which sites are blocked in Australia?

The Australian government has announced a crackdown on “rogue” sites, sites which are not part of the official website but which have been used by Australians to illegally access other sites.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it will stop Australian internet service providers (ISPs) from using a website proxy service to bypass blocking rules.

“We will be looking to block the rogue proxy service providers, but we are not blocking them completely,” a spokesman said.

The government says it is also considering blocking access to sites that have been referred to as “fake news”.

The crackdown comes as the country’s political debate continues to rage and as Australians continue to face the threat of deportation.

“As of today, the government will not be approving new applications for new foreign passports, and we will be limiting the number of foreign passports that can be issued,” a department spokesperson said.

“The government will continue to monitor the situation.”

It comes as a group of conservative bloggers and commentators are staging protests across the country over the government’s decision.

One of the groups, the Australian Cyber Rights Network (ACRN), is planning a “blacklist” of sites it believes are being used to promote extremism.

The ACRN says the blacklist is not intended to target individual individuals, but rather the broader public.

“It’s a way to take down a whole range of sites that are trying to use our country to spread hate, misinformation and bigotry,” ACRn spokesman John Kelly said.

In a statement on its website, the group said it had “no doubt” that the government was “actively working to clamp down on hate speech and other online hate speech” and that it was “shocked and dismayed” that it had failed to act on the report.

“These sites are not just about the sites that provide content for the Australian public, they’re also about the broader social, political and economic impact of hate speech, and they are not going to be tolerated in our country,” ACN president Tim Pallas said.

The ABC has contacted the Department of Justice for a response.

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