When it comes to Docker, there are only two types of apps in the box

The company that has emerged as a dominant player in the container space, Docker, announced it would be shutting down the official website of its Docker Swarm software.

The company said that it would no longer be supporting Docker for Docker Swarm containers.

The announcement was made today by Docker CEO Bre Pettis at the Docker Summit.

The news comes as a surprise to many who were eagerly anticipating the closure of the official Docker Swarm site, which had been hosted on the company’s official website since the end of August.

The site, launched on September 4th, was the primary place for users to find updates to the company, manage their accounts, and see information about their projects.

Users were also able to sign up for a Docker Enterprise account to gain access to the Swarm application.

The move to shut down the site was first reported by VentureBeat.

The decision to close down the Swarm site was not unexpected given the recent controversy surrounding Docker and its alleged use of child pornography.

The organization was also under fire recently for allowing its developers to use the company-owned name for its product without disclosing the fact that the name was a reference to the Pirate Bay.

The project’s name was changed to Docker for Android last month.

At the time, the company claimed that the new name was “not a reference” to the site, and that the “piratebay” was a misnomer.

Pettis said that the decision to shut the site down was a “difficult decision.”

“We believe that the Docker community is not going to survive if we do not take this decision,” he said.

The developer behind the Swarm platform, Docker’s co-founder, wrote on Twitter that the company would be “shocked and disappointed” if the decision was made to remove its services.

He said that Docker has “always been a great platform for the Docker ecosystem.”

The Swarm platform has already been available for developers to develop applications on for more than two years, but Pettis made no mention of the changes to the official site.

Pettistis said at the time that he and the team would “be looking for new opportunities in the future” in order to continue supporting the Docker Swarm platform.

In a blog post announcing the closure, Pettis wrote that he believes that Docker’s developers will be able to work on the Docker-powered applications “at a much higher level than we ever could.”

“Docker has been a huge part of the Docker project for more time than anyone could have imagined, but today we’re not sure that Docker is going to be around long enough to do what we’re going to do,” Pettis continued.

“We’re looking forward to having new teams in the community join us to build and support Docker and to work with our partners.”

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