When can I send a message to a proxy?

The BBC has been using Twitter to announce that it is opening a new app for people to send and receive messages to proxies.

The app, called the “Reach proxy” and launched last week, will let users use Twitter’s built-in messaging platform to send messages and other messages to anyone who has a Twitter account.

Twitter has previously announced a new messaging service for the app, the new “Messenger for the Internet”.

Twitter said in a blog post last week that the Messenger for the Web app was designed to allow people to quickly share and reply to messages to and from people who have an Internet connection, but Twitter has not yet announced when users can use it.

The new Messenger for The Internet app, however, has been designed to give users a way to send a text message to people they know, which is already available in the Twitter app.

The Messenger for Messenger for Internet app allows users to quickly post a message with their friends or family using Twitter.

This could be useful for people who want to send their loved ones a message or to someone who has been sending messages but has not heard back from them.

The company also said it would soon expand the app to other social media platforms, including Facebook and Google+.

Twitter’s announcement on Wednesday morning was not the first time the social media company has announced new messaging apps.

Earlier this year, it announced the new Facebook Messenger app, which will allow users to send private messages to friends and family.

And in March, Twitter said it was adding an API to allow developers to integrate the Messenger app into their applications, and to make other new features available to users.

Twitter’s new messaging app was also designed to be compatible with the new iOS and Android apps, which are being developed by Apple and Google respectively.

Google’s new “iMessage” app will also make use of the new Messenger app.

Twitter said the new messaging platform would enable users to use Messenger for their business, and for other personal use, but did not provide any further details about how the messaging app would work for businesses or how it would work with other apps.

Twitter users who already use Messenger can still send and reply directly to messages sent to them using Twitter, but will be able to choose which messages they want to reply to from a list of available choices.

Twitter added that the new app will be free to use, and that users can sign up for the service and receive alerts and other useful features from the company.

Users who sign up will be automatically notified when new messages are posted.

A Twitter spokesperson told BBC News: “This is an important first step in our evolution of the messaging experience.

It means users can quickly communicate with people they trust.

We are always working on ways to make the experience better for everyone, so we are excited to see how this new app can improve the messaging experiences for millions of people.”

This is a developing story.

Please check back later for updates.

BBC News’ Ben Williams is on Twitter.

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