What to do if your internet service provider is throttling you

By Caroline Safford BBC News serviceA new report suggests some internet service providers are using their network to throttle users with high-speed internet connections.

Key points:This is happening to millions of people around the world and is an “unacceptable” practice, the report saysThe report, titled Red Dirt Proxy Master, outlines a plan for how to protect yourself from internet throttlingThe report recommends ISPs improve their practices on throttling, but says they can do moreThe report says internet service is becoming a huge source of revenue for internet service companies, and the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a new set of guidelines aimed at helping to combat throttling.

The report follows on from a study from the advocacy group Free Press that found that US internet service users with access to fast broadband were twice as likely to experience internet service throttling than those with slower speeds.

It says internet providers have been slow to address the issue of throttling on their networks.

The researchers found that the FCC’s new “Red Dirt Proxy” plan is the first to identify this problem, but it also highlights a problem that many internet service owners are not aware of, the researchers said.

“Red Dirt proxy master” is a set of recommendations from the group’s website, and describes a way to protect your data and personal information by enabling proxies on your network to deliver your preferred content over slower internet connections, and then using the proxy to bypass throttling or any other blocking.

“The Red Dirt proxy masters have been developed to help protect the privacy and security of your personal information and online content, while at the same time mitigating any potential harms to the network, such as network congestion, network outages, and network congestion that can occur when traffic is limited,” the report said.

It adds that the service can help protect your personal data from being compromised by malware, and it can help you protect your online reputation by helping you identify bad actors.

The experts used a number of methods to analyze data from more than 20,000 internet service operators across the US.

“We found that in nearly two-thirds of the cases, ISPs were throttling some or all of their subscribers for data-related reasons, including network outage, network congestion or network congestion related to data caps,” the researchers wrote.

“In these cases, users were able to bypass the throttling by accessing their proxy or the proxies of the other service providers.”

This practice may be particularly harmful to lower-income, minority, and other users.

The Red Dirt proxies serve these populations in order to provide a choice of content, without throttling their users.

This is a form of discrimination, as those with limited internet access have fewer options for accessing this content, including accessing faster internet speeds,” they said.

The authors did not identify the service providers that are throttling the users, but the FCC said it would take action if ISPs were found to be throttling customers.”

It is important to note that ISPs do not control how their network behaves, and they can change their network management policies to accommodate changing usage patterns,” the agency said in a statement.”

However, the Commission has determined that these practices may not be consistent with a healthy and safe internet environment.

We are taking action to ensure that ISPs continue to provide users with the choice and access they need to access their data, including the ability to use Red Dirt, while also protecting their privacy.

“But the report did note that internet service can be slow to respond to requests for speed and that throttling could cause problems for some customers.

A number of ISPs have already been identified in the past for throttling users with data caps.

In June, a report from research firm Trend Micro found that almost 40 percent of the more than 15 million websites surveyed by the firm’s analytics tool showed that they were slowing down or blocking requests for faster internet access.”

Internet service providers should not be in a position to throttle their users because their network is too slow,” the study’s authors said.

But there are still plenty of other ways to fight throttling and ensure you don’t lose your online freedom.

The research said ISPs could use advanced features such as dynamic DNS caching and improved packet loss prevention to improve their responsiveness.

They could also improve their throttling policies, and use their network’s ability to prioritize users to slow them down.”

Some ISPs, such at Comcast, could provide users a more personalized experience by providing them with an option to opt-out of the Red Dirt server for the network and thus protect their personal data and other user data from the throttler,” the authors said, adding that ISPs should also look at “customer data retention practices” to ensure they do not compromise your privacy.

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