What is the difference between Facebook and Google?

Free, easy, and free to use: Facebook and YouTube are the two most popular online video streaming services and both are free.

Google, meanwhile, is owned by Alphabet, a unit of Google parent company Alphabet Inc., which has spent years trying to convince regulators and investors to let it take over the video streaming market.

Now, however, the two companies are embroiled in a war over who controls the online video business.

Free, simple, and easy to use…

Facebook and video-sharing site YouTube.

Facebook has long been the biggest player in the video-streaming space and is often the target of legal challenges.

Google has spent decades trying to make it easier for consumers to watch videos on the Web, including YouTube.

The battle over who owns the video industry, however has heated up this year after Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, launched a YouTube-style video-editing service, Vine, and the company’s parent company, Alphabet, bought rival video-sensing company Imgur.

The two companies have clashed in recent months over whether they can continue to use the same software and services that Facebook provides, and they’ve been sparring in court.

Now the companies are at a crossroads. 

On Wednesday, Google filed a lawsuit against Facebook in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco that accuses the social network of patent infringement, false advertising, and unfair competition.

It claims Facebook violated several laws by encouraging people to use its service, including by “using its video service to make money.” 

The complaint, which was filed on Wednesday, alleges that Google and Facebook have been using patents that Google has invented and patented to “use their video services to make profit” and to promote its own services.

Google’s lawsuit claims Facebook has been abusing its copyrights to “encourage people to watch its video services” and that Facebook has created its own monopoly. 

“Facebook and Google are engaged in a vicious battle over the monopoly of the online Video Service,” the lawsuit says.

Facebook claims that Google is using its patent to promote the services of its competitors, which is illegal.

The lawsuit says that Facebook’s services include the ability to create, share, and delete videos and that Google’s video-hosting services are “an attempt to limit the potential for competition.” 

In a blog post on Thursday, Facebook’s general counsel, Brian Chesky, said the company has “made significant progress” against patent claims and that it “remains committed to defending our patents in court.” 

“We are confident that this lawsuit is just the beginning,” Chesky wrote.

“We intend to continue to pursue this vigorously and, as a result, we expect to prevail in this matter.” 

(This story corrects to clarify that Google filed the lawsuit in the District Court, not the U .


Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.)

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