Trudeau says he’s considering scrapping smart DNS, Internet filtering, and VPNs as part of anti-terror strategy

The Canadian Prime Minister said he is considering scrailing smart DNS and Internet filtering to fight terrorism and terrorism financing.

“I think that’s a very good idea, that I’m thinking about, to look at it,” Trudeau told reporters Friday during a news conference in Paris.

Trudeau said that his government is working with Canada’s international partners to develop a plan that will “make sure that we are doing all we can to keep Canadians safe from the threat that is coming.”

He said he wants to “look at ways to strengthen our intelligence-gathering capability” to help fight terrorism.

Trudeau’s government is also seeking to establish a national anti-terrorism strategy that will be announced next month, and he will meet with the heads of government and agencies in the coming days.

Trudeau will also address a summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in June to discuss the challenges facing the alliance and the importance of countering terrorism.

The Trudeau government’s anti-terrorist measures include: banning all non-essential travel by non-citizens in Canada for the next 90 days; and imposing a ban on the issuance of passports, driving licences, and other government-issued documents.

The government also announced it will begin requiring travellers with a valid travel document to prove their identity.

The Liberals also have proposed to limit the number of Canadian citizens able to enter the U.S. on passports, even for the sole purpose of visiting family in Canada.

“We’ve said all along that we’re going to have a very strong, proactive, national anti‑terrorism strategy, and we are,” Trudeau said Friday.

“The question is, will we make it stronger or less strong?”

Trudeau said the government would not allow Canadians to fly to the U

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