Microsoft’s Bing proxy for Amazon, Google, and Netflix (NYSE: AMZN) is getting a price cut

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is cutting its price on its Bing proxy, Amazon (NASQ: AMG) and Google (NAS: GOOGL) said on Monday.

The price cut was announced by Microsoft and Amazon, the companies said in a joint statement.

The price cuts are for the first time since February.

Microsoft will still pay Amazon a $30 monthly fee to use its proxy.

Microsoft’s previous price on the proxy was $75.

Amazon and Google have long used proxies to compete against each other, though there’s not a lot of competition between them.

Amazon and Google are the top three proxy providers, while Microsoft and Google’s proxy is in second place.

The Microsoft proxy uses an algorithm that looks at how much money Amazon and Microsoft make, and it also analyzes how often people visit their sites.

The Google proxy uses its own algorithm, which looks at the traffic patterns of how often users visit its sites and calculates a “proxy” price.

Microsoft is the second largest proxy provider after Google, with about 7.7 million proxies.

Microsoft’s price cuts will apply to the first week of October, with the company saying it will keep its price cut for the proxy indefinitely.

Microsoft said it would offer a limited discount for a “limited time” on the first three days of October.

Microsoft also said it will continue to sell its proxy service at an increased price.

Microsoft said the price cuts do not affect the company’s plans to continue to offer its Bing and Bing Edge browsers as free add-ons for its Windows 8.1 and Windows RT operating systems.

Microsoft previously cut its price for Windows 8, and Microsoft said that’s still the case.

Microsoft announced a new plan in February to make Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro add-on software available for free to Windows 8 users.

Microsoft says that the new plan also includes the ability to offer free, enterprise-level software for customers who buy Windows 8 Enterprise licenses through the end of October if they want to.

Microsoft has also said that Windows 8 will be available free of charge to customers with a business license that runs Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft has been working on a new version of its Bing software that will make it more attractive to businesses, which have been hesitant to upgrade their business operating systems because they can be more expensive.

Microsoft recently began rolling out a new edition of its Microsoft Edge browser to businesses.

Microsoft will continue selling Bing proxies for free for at least the next three months.

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