How to use Facebook proxy for free in the browser

The Facebook proxy has become one of the most used browser extensions, but it has a serious privacy issue.

A new report by the Center for Democracy and Technology found that the extension could potentially track users by using their location.

That information is not only valuable to advertisers but could also be used to identify users.

The Facebook privacy policy makes clear that it will never collect, store, use or share users’ location, but the extension can track users using Google Maps.

For example, when the app sends you a notification, the Facebook app can look at the time and location of your visit and see whether your location is accurate.

The extension can even use Google Maps to detect whether a user is using an iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

The extension can also track users based on the apps they use, as well as whether they’re logged into Facebook, the app they’re using, the time of day, the website visited and more.

In short, Facebook’s tracking capability could be used by advertisers and third parties to build a profile of people based on their activities.

The privacy policy says that the Facebook proxy can’t collect your IP address, but a Facebook spokesperson told us that it can collect a limited number of location information and other information in order to analyze the activity and content of users.

“Facebook will never share this information with third parties,” the spokesperson said.

“We can’t comment on the specific use of location data that Facebook uses to analyze how users interact with our products.

Facebook does not store this data for advertisers.”

The extension also tracks what users search for and what their friends and family posts, according to the company’s Privacy Policy.

Facebook also collects information about users, including their viewing habits and activity, according the privacy policy.

“When you browse the site, Facebook collects information from your device, browser and other devices that track your activity and how you interact with the site,” the privacy statement says.

“In addition, we may collect and store information about your use of Facebook.

We will not sell this information.

Facebook’s usage and behavior data will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.”

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