How to stop fake news on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook users are warning their friends that they are in for a shock when they attempt to visit a fake news website.

The sites, which are not affiliated with Facebook, appear to offer links to articles that were taken from a fake Russian news site.

A Facebook user wrote: “If you visit this website, you will see the links to Russian news sites.

Facebook users have also discovered a hidden “news” button on their news feed.”

You have to be careful when you click.”

Facebook users have also discovered a hidden “news” button on their news feed.

Facebook users have reported receiving messages on their Facebook accounts asking them to stop using Facebook.

One Facebook user, who did not want to be named, said: “I saw some posts with a Russian link, and when I tried to click on it, it did not show up on my news feed.”

A second user, also anonymous, told the Post: “The site you are visiting is Russian.

You will not see it.

“There is nothing wrong with what you see on Russian news. “

You are going into a dangerous place.””

There is nothing wrong with what you see on Russian news.

You are going into a dangerous place.”

A Facebook spokesman said: ‘Facebook is committed to the freedom of expression, and we take all threats of violence and harassment seriously.

‘We take these reports seriously and have removed all accounts associated with the site and are working with law enforcement to take appropriate action.’

Facebook users are being warned that if they attempt visits to the fake Russian site, they will receive a warning, as well as being directed to a message asking them not to click the links.

Facebook said: ”We remove content that promotes violence and terrorism, and hate speech.

”As part of our efforts to build trust and trustworthiness, we have also recently updated the algorithm to make it harder to trick users into clicking fake news, and if you see content on Facebook that is similar to a page on a Russian news source, we urge you to flag it and tell us about it.

We’ll take action if we see that it violates our standards.”’

You’re not going to like it’One Facebook commenter told the MailOnline: ‘This is a huge deal.

They’re not kidding around.

It is illegal to use Facebook to publish fake news.’

The MailOnline has contacted Facebook for comment.

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