How to setup your facebook proxy settings on your mac or pc

In order to use facebook proxy in your mac/pc, you need to install and enable proxy on your server.

But if you don’t want to do that, here are some easy instructions to setup facebook proxy on a computer:1.

Open Facebook proxy settings in Firefox or another web browser.2.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Add New Proxy”.3.

Click “Add”, then click “New Proxy” to choose a proxy.4.

Click on the proxy settings tab, and follow the instructions.

You should now have facebook proxy setting on your web browser (it is a proxy that can be used for facebook authentication).

To enable proxy for facebook login on your machine, you should follow these instructions:1, Open Facebook login in Firefox.2, Click on “Login” in the login menu, and enter your facebook username and password.3, Click “Create Proxy”.4, Click the “Create” button to begin.5, Click Apply.

The proxy settings will be automatically created for you, so click “Create proxy” to save the settings.

Facebook proxy setting should be enabled on your computer, so now you can login with facebook on your local machine.

Facebook is the main application that uses Facebook for authentication, so you will need to use it.

You can enable facebook proxy for other purposes, like reading facebook news, playing facebook games, and watching facebook videos.

You may want to disable facebook proxy to avoid losing access to facebook.

You can disable facebook proxying on the website by clicking the “Disconnect proxy settings” button.

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