How to get the best docker video for your docker cluster

How to make your Docker videos more entertaining. 

You might have heard of Netflix. 

They provide videos, but they don’t do it in the same way that Netflix does. 

Instead, they have their own dedicated YouTube channel and their own Docker Video repository. 

If you’re interested in Netflix, they offer a video app called Netflix Go that’s a fantastic way to watch a lot of videos from Netflix.

There’s also a Docker video app that’s really cool if you want to use the Netflix Go app with docker containers.

I had been wanting to make a Docker Video app, and I finally decided to use Netflix Go for that purpose.

The problem with Netflix Go was that it didn’t support Docker, so I had to make my own. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of Docker videos on YouTube that are also Docker. 

I made a docker video app to make this simple process as easy as possible. 

Here’s what I did:First, make sure you have a working Docker Machine. 

This is the same machine you install docker-compose.yml and the docker-machine.yaml file. 

Once you have that setup, go to and get the machine file.

Open the docker machine file and add the following to the end of the file.

The first line is a line that tells docker to automatically download the images from the dockerhub.dockerfile repository, and it will use the docker image provided by the docker host in this case. 

Now we’re going to create the video files. 

Create a folder called youtube in your home directory and make it the default container directory for the video. 

Open the youtube folder and open the video in youtube/videos.json. 

Add the following code to the bottom of the video file.

Now you’re ready to upload your video.

The last thing we’re doing here is creating a new video file with your Docker container. 

When you upload a video, you can use the Docker CLI to do a few things. 

For example, if you upload the following video, the CLI will output a file called youtube/content.json and append the title of the container to the title, subtitle, and subtitle links. 

Then it will upload the container image to the docker registry. 

These instructions are based on the dockerfiles.yaml configuration file that Docker ships with the container.

The next time you run docker container upload, it will download and upload the docker images and container image from the Docker Registry. 

We also use the youtube/resolver.ypm file to set the url to the Docker URL. 

After the video is uploaded, the youtube directory will be renamed to youtube/plugins.json . 

Theres no reason you can’t do the same with the other video files you’ve uploaded. 

The video you just created can be found at: youtube/video.json The youtube directory has the following entries: docker-engine-video-plugins docker-video docker-videos docker-resources docker-media docker-videovideo docker-youtube-videos The first two entries tell docker that we want to set a Docker URL for the videos. 

To make sure that it actually works, add the value docker-url to the container entry. 

In this case, we are going to set it to https:8080 . 

Then, you should be able to browse to youtube on the browser and view the video from your container.

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