How to Get Away With Misleading Ads for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

By Alexey Kuznetsov / Business Insider / Getty ImagesThe Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch are coming out this month, and it looks like they are not just going to be selling games.

As of April 9, Google and Amazon are offering ad-free, ad-supported streaming and downloading on the consoles, as well as other services.

Google has launched a new ad-blocking service called YouTube Plus.

The service is free to download and use, and includes a number of new features like live streaming, a way to disable ad blocking, and a feature that lets you use a specific ad blocker app to watch YouTube.

Amazon launched its own ad-blocker app, Amazon Video Ads, which it says will allow people to watch streaming videos on their Android devices for free, while it also allows users to pay for ads-free video.

Amazon Video Ads allows users “to watch video content at the best of the service,” according to

You can pay $2.99 for a month of ad- free viewing.

If you want to watch videos that you own, Amazon offers a new subscription that lets users pay for access to all video content on the service.

The app also lets you set a payment option to see the ads on videos, which Amazon says will be removed if you cancel the subscription.

Google is launching an ad-blocking service called Google Chrome, which lets users “unblock ads on the Google Chrome Web Store” and is “the easiest way to control which ads you see on your favorite websites.”

Google Chrome, like YouTube Plus, is free and available for download for $9.99.

The company is also making a series of YouTube-related videos available for free.

Google Chrome is also offering a new video-streaming feature, called “Video Stream,” that lets people watch YouTube videos in the background, without blocking the video.

Google also is making a new app called Chromecast, which allows users of the Chromecast wireless video receiver to stream video directly to the TV, with the addition of an app on the receiver that plays the video content.

Google says that the Chromecasts new feature lets users watch a “HD video in the middle of your TV set, without the need to plug in your cable box or set-top box.”

Google also said that Chromecast is designed to work with Chromecast TV devices that can’t have an HDMI port on them.

Users can watch content with Chromecast, which Google says can work with Android devices that don’t have a HDMI port, and Chromecast TVs that don.

It says it’s also working on adding support for Chromecast to Apple TVs.

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