Free VPN provider for Kodi 5 and Kodi 8.1 is up and running in Canada!

Now you can install and use VPNs from the comfort of your couch!

Kodi 5 has been a great addition to Kodi’s ecosystem, and this article will show you how to set up a Kodi VPN for Kodi 8 and up.

The Kodi proxy, which Kodi uses to connect to the internet, can be downloaded from the official Kodi repository and should be installed on your system.

Kodi will need to be running to download the proxy, so please ensure that you have the latest version of Kodi.

Open up Kodi and click Settings.

Click the Network tab.

Click Add New Connection to open the Add New Network Wizard.

In the Add a VPN window, select the proxy you just installed.

Select Kodi and continue.

Kodi should now ask you to create a username and password.

If everything went well, you should see a pop-up informing you that Kodi has detected the proxy and it is now available.

Now that Kodi is connected, you can navigate to the Kodi home screen and navigate to Settings.

In Kodi’s home screen, click Network Settings.

Scroll down to the VPN section and enable the proxy.

Kodi has a default IP address of and a VPN tunnel will be configured for Kodi automatically.

In your preferences, you will need an additional DNS server and an IP address for the VPN.

When Kodi starts, it will show a list of available VPN services and then ask you if you want to enable them.

Click Yes to enable the service.

Now you should be able to navigate to your Kodi account and log in using the proxy IP address and port.

You can use this VPN as well as any other VPN service.

Kodi also has an easy-to-use user interface that can be used to login and access other websites.

Kodi supports many popular third-party tools, so you can easily set up and troubleshoot your Kodi VPN.

You should also check out Kodi’s guide to setting up your Kodi proxy.

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